Formula 1 Preview Show

Mar 16, 2018

2018 Formula 1 Preview Show

With pre-season testing complete and the anticipation building for the season start, our Deputy Editor discusses the tech behind the new F1 contenders alongside a panel of Motorsport experts from Cranfield University.

  • Clive Temple, Programme Director, Advanced Motorsport Engineering MSc, Cranfield University @cranclive
  • Gemma Hatton, Deputy Editor, Racecar Engineering Magazine @RacecarEngineer
  • Mark Jenkins, Professor of Business Strategy, Motorsport, Cranfield University @f1professor
Topics of discussion:
  • Tech behind Halo
  • New Tyre compounds and regulations explained
  • Formula E compared to Formula 1
  • Liberty Media’s ‘Future of Formula 1’

Thanks to Cranfield University for producing this video.

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